Meet David

David Hale is a Sales and Marketing specialist who has spent most of his working career in the field of suspension seats for Tractors and Diggers.

Born in India in 1956, he spent some of his early years in Blaenau Ffestiniog in North Wales.

Some of this story is based on ‘mental images’ from those days and family holidays in the Gower Peninsula.

The character of Dai was made up by David when his daughter Jenny was a small girl, as a bedtime story.

She struggled to go off to sleep without a story but got fed up with regular books.
So David invented Dai and just made stories up on the spot. These were told in a Welsh accent!

However, as the stories were told they both started to giggle and the accent changed to Irish, to Scottish, to Indian, in fact anything but Welsh!

Dai and the missing Baby Crocodile is the first of these stories. 

Since 1980 the family have lived in Northamptonshire.

Meet Nicholas

Nicholas Child is an Illustrator based in Cheshire, England.

He created the award nominated The Grumble & Co,

Selling greeting cards nationwide in Paperchase and Sainsbury’s, plus distributing his ranges internationally.

He now focuses his time illustrating children’s books, editorial work, and educational projects.

David & Jenny researched children’s illustrators and found Nicholas. We instantly connected with him, and he made our visions come to life!

We work as a great team and have now created 3 amazing books and 2 colouring in books together. 

You can find some of Nicholas’s work on - 

Meet Jenny

Jenny is David’s daughter and the reason behind David’s creations. 

When Jenny was a child, she would struggle to fall asleep to every day ‘normal stories’ so David made up these wonderful tales about ‘Dai’ and the stories have expanded since. 

Jenny now has her family of her own, and her daughter Evie and dog Monty are starring throughout the books. 

Evie is 6 and loves to read the books to her Grandad. 

Jenny is the organiser behind the scenes, who plans and organises events to promote the books.

Evie also loves to help at events and gives children stickers and helps them colour pictures of the colouring in book. 

You will always see Jenny with David at events, what a great team we make!

Meet Evie

Evie is David’s Granddaughter. She is 6 years old and has a passion for reading, writing and art.

Evie is starring throughout ‘Adventures of Dai’ alongside her
pet dog Monty, she thinks its very exciting to be starring in a book, not only one but three stories.

Evie likes to come along to book events and helps show the children the books and hands out the stickers which illustrate the characters.

In our next book Evie will be joined by her baby cousin Florence.

Meet The Characters


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